Promotorhead Podcast #16: I LOVE BAND

Vinny Falkowski (Roadhorse/Uncomfortables/Bomber/Sick Things) and Liam Malone (Black Absence) join us this episode as we talk craft beer, click tracks, DIY recording, college radio, Taylor Swift and Beyonce, not knowing your own band's lyrics, downloads vs. streaming, band finances, our upcoming shows including Stoned to Death 3 and The Road to RPM Fest 2018, and the launch of our Patreon!  Sign up at for as little as $1/month and get extended episodes and bonus content.

1. Crimespree - "When I Run"
2. Oxblood Forge - "Paragora Euphoria"
3. Black Absence - "Revolution"
4. Roadhorse - "Who Cares"
5. Black Pyramid - "Wintermute"

Recorded and produced here at Sonic Titan Studios

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