Promotorhead Podcast #15: Oxen and Vivisepulture

OXEN and Vivisepulture (Official) join us for our first two-band episode as we talk new releases from both bands, the difficulties of recording your own music, Rick & Kat's Howlin' Mouse, being rejected by Encyclopedia Metallum, and having your band named stolen by Canadians.

1. Vivisepulture - "Shadowsphere"
2. Oxen - "Phantom Limb"
3. Oxen - "Rustlung"
4. Vivisepulture - "Anomaly"
5. Vivisepulture - "King of Restless Souls"
6. Oxen - "Rise of the Apprentice Master".
All tracks recorded live at Sonic Titan Studios except "Phantom Limb"

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