Sonic Titan Studios is a professional studio in Shelburne Falls, MA specializing in audio/video recording and music production.  STS is co-owned and operated by Brian Westbrook (PDP Productions, Lich King) and Anthony Medaglia (Medaglia Sound, Graviton) - two engineers and fellow drummers with a shared love of Rush, Boston sports teams, heavy metal, and organic audio production techniques.  Brian and Anthony have over 25 years of combined experience in the audio field and have an extensive discography of highly-regarded releases.

Located in the picturesque hills of Western Massachusetts, Sonic Titan Studios offers an acoustically-pleasing and comfortable work environment for your next demo, album, or video shoot.  Our services include audio and video recording, editing, production, mixing, and mastering for projects of any scale.  The studio is also available to rent for rehearsals, lessons, and intimate live performances in our gorgeous 400+ square foot live room.

Our studio rate is $25/hr and our engineer rate is $20/hr.  We also offer discounted day, week, and month block rates for long-term projects.  Please see our Booking page for information and inquiries.




Brian Westbrook

Brian's musical career started at a very young age.  After starting piano lessons at the age of 4,  he got a drum set for Christmas in 7th grade and immediately started a punk band, which then spurred his interest in live sound and recording.  In 2004, he and his dad formed PDP Productions to organize concerts and provide live sound in the Western Massachusetts area.  After receiving his Bachelor’s in Sound Recording Technology from UMass Lowell in 2009, he interned at Zing Studios in the summer of 2009 and officially launched PDP Recording in his basement studio that fall.

Brian's credits over his seven years at PDP Recording include King Parrot, Barishi, Lich King, Condition Critical, Hannah Hoffman, Epicenter, and Vacant Eyes, as well as in-game remixes for the Rock Band Network for artists such as Between the Buried and Me, A Day to Remember, Periphery, and The Faceless. He also works for Klondike Sound and PDP Productions in the live audio realm, and currently plays drums for Lich King, Godeater, and Sparkeater.


Anthony's passion for recording began in parallel with his passion for music and drumming when he was 10-11 years old. Ever since then his path through recording technology was guided by a constant compulsion to merge art and creativity with theory and engineering with whatever means were available to him, concurrently fostering a strong DIY mindset. He carried that drive with him throughout his grade-school years which enabled him to enroll in Berklee College of Music where he graduated with a Bachelor of Music Degree in Music Production and Engineering in 2015. His experience in the MP&E Program allowed him to merge his DIY ethos with a strong foundation in how a professional studio is run and how to achieve the best tones possible.

Much of his experience has been engineering and mixing for the multitude of bands he has been in over the years, most notably his current band Graviton where he produced, engineered, mixed, and mastered the Fundamental Violence EP.  He has also done drum editing for The Offering, vocal production for the forthcoming Aversed EP, and mixed the eponymous Black Tomb debut release.


[Lich King’s] Exodus meets Vio-Lence approach to thrash is kept well intact, strengthened by an Andy Sneap-style production job courtesy of drummer Brian Westbrook. The riffs are loud and clear, the vocals high pitched and raspy, and the bass has a bright undercurrent that reminds me of the tone on Shovel Headed Kill Machine.
— Chris Latte, indymetalvault.com
Crashing through the speakers comes [Lich King’s] instrumental opener “Weapons Hot” - and one thing becomes obvious: the production quality is spot on. The riffs are the primary focus (as they should be), the drums are beautifully metallic without being over-compressed, and the bass is constantly audible.
— Larry6990, metal-archives.com
Our producer Brian Westbrook really went above and beyond with production [on Blood From the Lion’s Mouth]. He has such clear vision in regards to a song’s structure as well as its sonic potential. It was killer to work with him again.
— Graham Brooks, Barishi
From a production standpoint, [Condition Critical’s] “Extermination Plan” absolutely nails it. The sound on this record is massive.
— Spiner202, metal-archives.com

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